Why the Confusion?

After God showed up on Earth in the Incarnation, the forces of darkness sought to destroy all knowledge of what He had done. Because those dark forces can only cause harm to the Creation by getting humans to disagree with God and, instead, agree with them, they went to work confusing our understanding. Mankind has not learned what really happened back then, nor why nothing seems to work today. We just know that the world should not be this way.

The main reason God has sounded so inconsistent, seemed so impossible, and at times, felt so frustrating, is that in the past 2,000 years the meaning of many words have been changed, sometimes drastically. And even more so since the advent of more and more widespread communications starting with the printing press. It is the radical change of meanings, sometimes ever so subtly, that has caused massive misunderstanding of what God says, Who He is, and what He wants. It is especially not helpful that those who are considered leaders in the religions of the world seem to have no more understanding than their followers. The fix is simple, but people are confused. Many are convinced they do know the answer; they just have to try harder. So, God’s simple answer is ignored in lieu of something more difficult, which is more in line with how humans view themselves. “God, we want to serve you. Just show us what to do and we will do it. We can handle this. We must. We just need a little help.”

God never intended to start a religion. And He never left mankind to fend for itself. But God is love, and love never pushes itself on anyone. So, God is always present in the middle of everything, yet does not demand that anyone believe what He believes. He seeks to persuade us to want to believe what He believes.

With enduring passion, our Father waits to show mankind what He has done for us. His plans are far better than taking away our problems. He wants to use our current situations to train us to be who we are. He created us to be bigger than any possible problems. But that being “bigger” is only possible when God does it in us. He so wants us to understand how He can accomplish His objective inside us. But since mankind thinks it knows everything it needs to know, and since believers are sure they know the will of God, He continues to work behind the scenes to persuade us differently.

God’s power is love. In this world, such an idea is foreign. God must be force and MUST use force to achieve His will. But God says no, He has a better way. Since mankind has rejected knowing Who God is and has created gods in its own image, people no longer know what is good or evil. The definition of good and evil depends on what a person wants or feels. The real enemy of mankind has succeeded in convincing us that God is not Who He says He is and we are not who God says we are. Even those who profess to believe have been fooled, and because they are sure they know, they may be farther from seeing God’s reality than those who flat out reject God. God made man (and woman) in His image, to look like Him and act like Him. But mankind has replaced its first understanding of the true God with a god created in man’s image of himself after beginning to believe the lie. The result is the fear and terror that now blankets the world.

What God has really been seeking to tell us may not be what you think. The message of UNSEEN will open the door for many to begin experiencing a new reality with God, one they will really like, without religion. It may seem a little complicated, at first, but that’s because we have all been indoctrinated with meanings for many words which God never intended, which makes Him seem like anything but a friend who is on our side. Unfortunately, He has not yet been able to persuade mankind to think differently. Unseen shows you how to begin seeing what God sees so you can find answers that have eluded you.