Why a Website?

Some people are not book readers. They prefer snippets or short videos or discussions. This website provides what a book cannot, yet for those who prefer books, the paper pages of Unseen will be indispensable.

If you prefer snippets, then follow our blog. If you get more from short videos, we hope to satisfy you. At some point, we want to introduce interactive webinars.

Feel free to comment on our blog. We like to know why a reasoned person would think we are wrong. Those who know the He Who is the Truth are unafraid to find out they are wrong about something. We will respect you even if we disagree with you. We understand the power of words, especially God’s words, and we will let His words do the work within us and within you. Disagreeing with us may be helpful to someone who is trying to reason through what we say, but please keep your comments civil and helpful to other readers.