What Did Early Christians Believe?

First Century Christians had a foundation in the reality of God and not just the history. They were Jews living with a new understanding of God. It wasn’t “if” they believed in God but what they believed about God. God was real to them. Today’s believers often struggle with “if” before they can even consider “is.”

So, what caused God to be so real to them? Has God changed? Many people say God may not have changed but His plan has. Yet, due to the nature of His plan, for God to change it would mean He has changed, and He says He doesn’t change. Maybe God is like mankind and just says what gets Him what He wants. But, God swears that He can’t lie. So then, maybe God is just cruel and likes pulling wings off of butterflies.  But, God says He is love. Or, could it be that we simply don’t know things that early believers knew that filled them with joy and peace and with a power that has been reduced to a myth because to view it otherwise would mean that today’s Church is missing something? 

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