Update About Our Silence

Due to a sudden change in plans, with no warning we put our blog on hold last year. Though we have had no participants, some have been reading it. We apologize for going silent, but it will be worth it. We have been in the process of publishing a series of new books titled The Unseen Emails that include a number of volumes beginning with Emails to Malcolm. Volumes I and II are now available at all the usual places you buy books. Volumes III and IV are in the process of being typeset and readied for publishing. They should be available any day now. Volume V is undergoing final review. And there are more to follow.

Within the next month or so we expect to publish our recent mini book. We can't yet tell you the title because we don't yet have one. Maybe we'll title it Introduction to the Unseens. Sounds boring? It won't be.

If you want a new perspective on life that will free you from the fear and oppression caused by people, organizations, governments and every form of evil around the world, this book will open a new dimension in your life. Please be patient. We hope to make it available soon.

You will be able to download it for free from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others, and even this website. This book is a nonprofit endeavor, so if you prefer a nice looking paperback copy, there will be a minimal charge. Once we know what that is we'll let you know, too.

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