Our Mouths are Full of Our Faith

Every day I feel like I am having a new realization of the heart of God toward me and all of His beloved creatures. I keep see things that I don’t remember ever seeing before. Then, occasionally, I re-read something I wrote 20 years ago, and stand amazed. Many of the things it seems I have just learned I was writing about 20 years ago. How can that be? It seems like I just learned them.

Paul said “…faith is near you, even in your mouth…” He is not only saying that the confession of faith to be saved will come out of our mouths but that everything we believe actually comes out of our mouths all the time. In addition, when Paul uses the word faith it usually refers to God’s faith, what God believes, which is the truth. Much of what we say not only includes what we really believe but what God believes, too. When you know and believe the truth, you will also hear it coming out the mouths of people who have no idea what they are really saying. As you experience this, it gets really fun. I hear people absolutely deny God’s truth and sometimes, within seconds, God’s truth slips out of their mouths. I never point it out to them, I just enjoy the fact that God is working in them and they don ‘t even know it, yet.

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