Video – Why Faith Is Important To God (Part 3) – The Trouble With Misbeliefs

We can often see that someone has a goofy belief because of something they say or do that is wrong. Unfortunately, we fail to realize the same applies in reverse. People observing us can often tell there is something wrong with what we believe, for the same reason. Yet, each of us is sure that what we believe is right. It’s others that are wrong. But, an honest person realizes that all of us have some wrong beliefs. If we just knew what we believe that isn’t true, we would stop believing it. But, how can we find out that something we believe isn’t true, especially without the whole world finding out?

Since humans are created to automatically live what we believe in the deepest part of our hearts, misbeliefs have massive power over us. That power is so great that we can be left perplexed and stunned by our own behavior. “Why did I do that?” “Why did I say that?” God understands what is in our hearts. He knows all the things we believe that are not true, and He wants to replace them with His truth. That is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit… to lead us into knowing God’s truth the way He knows it. He wants to replace some of the wrong things we believe with what He knows is right. As we increasingly believe God’s truth, we will live it. He is a patient teacher and is determined to lead us to know His truth.

When you understand the power of misbeliefs, you will likely want to get rid of them. God wants to help us. He’s not upset that we may believe something wrong. HE created mankind to live what we believe and He knows every one of our misbeliefs. Now He is working to help us believe His truth because He knows that once we do we will stop living lies as if they are truth.

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