A NOT So Good Night’s Sleep

1/26/2017: Last night was not the type of sleep I prefer. I awoke several times and never felt like I was soundly asleep. My dreams were laborious. When I “woke up” this morning, the only assurance that I had slept was that God said He gives His beloved sleep. So, even though I did not feel rested, I knew God had given me sufficient sleep last night, and that it was, in fact, sweet though thoughts were telling me otherwise. I believe what God says is the truth rather than what my senses tell me is true.

This morning I immediately recognized that the turmoil I was feeling does not reflect who God says I am. I am His child, a new creature in Christ and one with God in Christ. When I believed into Jesus, I entered into His rest, which is where I am right now, regardless of what my senses might tell me. Any sense knowledge that suggests other than what God says is a lie. God would never tell me that those types of tumultuous thoughts and feelings are mine. I have the mind of Christ and, according to Jeremiah 11:29, He thinks shalom thoughts, thus, so do I. The lies from the powers of darkness are so subtle. For a moment, I had thought those thoughts were mine, but they weren’t.

So, where did that thinking come from? Not from God and not from me. It was just a continuation of that incessant noise that fills the airwaves, which I was hearing all night. I thanked Abba for that realization this morning and got up feeling fine.

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