Have you noticed how easily this happens?

God has another idea.

Have you noticed how easily people are offended?

I’ve been pondering what causes this. I’ve come to one conclusion and it relates directly to understanding the importance of “believing.” The word “believe” is an anglo-saxon word that comes from two words: Be and Lief. Without a long explanation, it means the “treasuring of something we know.”

Sometimes, what people have learned becomes more precious to them than knowing the truth if that truth means that what they know is wrong. Human beings identify ourselves by what we believe, that is, what we “know” (knowledge) which we highly treasure. For instance, a child of God may believe he/she is a sinner in God’s eyes. When they hear that God took away their sins and they are no longer sinners, they may be offended because they “know” and treasure that they are sinners. This person can find all sorts of reasons to prove they are sinners. If they don’t have a convincing reason, they may just explode in anger and then only God knows what they will do.

Our identity as human beings is utterly dependent on what we believe. So, when our beliefs are challenged as wrong, many people consider it an attack on their identity, that their identity is wrong. Many would rather die than be wrong.

God has another idea. When what we are believing is wrong, He wants us to admit it and instead agree with what He says, that what He says is the truth, whether it looks like it or not. God says Christ took away the sins of the world. Is what God said true or not?  

When we agree with God, our beliefs instantly become right. It’s amazing. In fact, this is the meaning of repentance: to change your mind about what you have believed and instead believe what God believes. The first few times it may be a little emotionally painful. It hurts the pride. But, after you realize how repenting is setting you free, you will ask God for more opportunities. Guess how I know?

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