Believe Truth Rather Than Feelings

The wonder of being a child of God in Christ is that because Jesus is always present to God, each one of us is always present to God, too. You can’t get away from Him. He loves being with you.

The Apostle Paul said, “the testimony of Christ was established in us” (1 Corinthians 1:6). A person’s testimony is what they say and includes what they say about themselves. Thus, what Jesus says about Himself has been established within each of us as our personal testimonies, also. We can say about ourselves what Jesus says about Himself. (1 John 4:17) Since He says He is present to God, we are, too. This is our reality.

By “our reality” I mean what is real in our lives right now. It is not something that will eventually be but already is, because God says it is. Of course, our feelings may tell us otherwise. We may even feel separate from God, but that is just what our feelings are saying to us. God wants the reality of His presence to feel real to us, and His plan for causing that is very specific. To actually feel God’s reality without being knocked around by feelings that come and go, we simply learn to agree with God’s word regardless what we feel and experience. God is seeking to train His children to think like Him, all the time. How does this happen? We begin by agreeing that what God says is true in our lives even in the face of massive evidence that says otherwise.

We don’t live by agreeing with our feelings. We live by agreeing with what God says, regardless of what our feelings may say. As we live by faith (agreeing that God’s truth is true) the Holy Spirit works to make our reality real to us. In the meantime, we stand, sometimes in the midst of terrible feelings, knowing that God is faithful and we will, at some point, feel what we believe is true. In the meantime, we believe that what God says and not our feelings (or thoughts) is the truth. This is the fight of faith.

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