#3 Many People Worship a God that Thinks Like They Do.

The new protestant church had no way to suddenly rediscover the Gospel of God’s grace if they had even suspected there was one. They had no way to know that the Latin translation was not an accurate rendering of the Greek. By the beginning of the reformation in the 1500s, believers were so steeped in the Roman legal and warlike language of Latin that once the Greek was again available they could only see it through the Roman/Latin filter of thought. The foundations of the first believers had been lost, not because the Greek had changed but because over the preceding 1500 years the love, grace, and power in the Koine Greek could no longer be comprehended as it was by First Century believers.

Today, the god that many people worship seems right to them because their god thinks like they do. Often their god seems angrier. Some people would often die so they could judge the world on behalf of their god.

Not knowing it has a faulty foundation, the modern Church’s answers to avoid sin have consistently failed. Believers are never taught to consider there might be something wrong with the foundation they have been taught because that is scary. And, if a believer discovers that his teacher has led him astray, what happens to that teacher? Psalm 11:3 speaks directly to this issue. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” What are we to do if some of our foundational understandings aren’t the truth? Is it possible that those who have taught us didn’t know they had been taught things that weren’t true, also?

I have heard modern believers say that it is heresy to question what we have been taught. The leader of a major theological forum told me that what the modern Church believes today is right because everyone has always believed what he believes. I would ask him, “how is your Christianity working for you?” All he could tell me would be that he is going to heaven when he dies. If that is all someone believes the Gospel is about, I don’t think they have ever heard the real Good News of Jesus Christ. That person appears to like religion without any life or power in it.

Does anyone really believe that God expects His children to not question what we have been taught especially in light of the fact that early believers experienced such a dramatically different faith than modern believers?  

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