#2 Can a Private Revelation Become Christian Truth?

Unless we have the foundation taught by Christ and the Apostles, whatever truth we build upon it will never quite fit. It will never work the way God says it should. As explained in my previous blog, over a period of several hundred years many religious leaders came to have a different understanding of God and His Word, and by the Fourth Century the believers who translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin perceived God the Father as harsh and Jesus the Son as a buffer between God and mankind. It didn’t help that the translators were going from a language with the grace of Koine Greek into a legal and warlike language like Latin.

By the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century, Christians had not had access to the original Greek for over a thousand years and did not know that the definitions of many words had been changed, as well as rules of grammar. Believers had no way of knowing that the Bible they were reading had been changed. The Darkness, in which Jesus had said the world lays, had accomplished an amazing feat. A private revelation among a few people from the end of the First Century through the Fourth had become accepted doctrine. Since the original love and power in the Early Church was no longer evident, these new leaders of the Church simply created doctrines that required Christians to change their expectations. Over a short period of time, the experience of the first believers had become no more than history. If people wanted it back they would have to do what the Church leaders said. And since all authority now resided in the Church leadership, they were able to further redefine terms and doctrines to fit their agendas. They had joined league with the Darkness probably without even knowing it. They had believed the original Lie and were simply living what they believed to be the truth. They couldn’t be wrong. It had to be the people. The people must be doing it wrong. That doctrine is still evident in most modern Church teachings.

The replacing of God’s love and kindness with the exact opposite was the result of a private revelation that had replaced the truth. In the modern era, that private revelation has become so powerful that it has caused those that believe it to curse anyone who disagrees. Many people are so afraid of being cursed that they reject any thought of attempting to reason through what they believe. What might help them is to discover there is more than one original definition for the Greek word logos. Yes, it means “word,” but it also means “reason” and “logic.” God desires to teach his children not only His Word but His logic, His reasoning. The powers of the darkness of this world are terrified that anyone would ever learn to think like God. The darkness would be finished.

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