Just Imagine...

Imagine sitting by a calm lake on a bright day, mountains reflecting from its mirrored surface. You see a ripple or two – it’s just a fish snatching a bug. But the ripples get larger, and more numerous… Too violent just to be hungry fish, but what else could it be?

Something is beneath the surface, but you can’t see what, how large, or how quickly it’s moving. The ripples and beautiful mountain reflections distort your view, and all you can see is the disturbed water. The cause is unseen.

In a moment of self-realization, you consider “this is like my life.” You can see the ripples but are not sure what is causing them. You have tried to do the right things and avoid things you know are wrong, but your desires are complicated. You want to do right, but sometimes don’t. And even worse, sometimes you know something is wrong, but do it anyway. A shiver runs up your spine as you realize you have spent your entire life trying to control the ripples and reflections without even knowing their real cause. The true source of your actions, thoughts, and emotions is as unseen as the movements in the lake.

You wonder how deep it goes. If something unseen is moving the surface of your life, could it be the same for entire nations? Continents? All of Earth? Suddenly, simple explanations like “it’s God” or “it’s Satan” are not at all helpful.

You wonder what would it be like if instead of struggling to fix your results you could control their source? Instead of wasting energy and frustration trying to manipulate the ripples, you could change what causes them? Is there a way to clear the noise from the lake of your life and change what is underneath so you can rid yourself of ripples and get the right reflection?

You stand there watching the turbulent waters, but no answers come. Suddenly, you hear a voice, not audibly, but in your heart, or maybe it’s somewhere in the back of your mind, you can’t quite tell. It says, “You can never see what lies beneath your surface, nor can you change it. But I see it and can change anything that is wrong. And I will do it for you and cause you to see the Unseen. All I want you to do is listen.”