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Believing The Truth, Understanding The Lie

The focus of the New Testament is the new identity which God says He has given us in Christ, by sheer gift. It is the identity for which each was created and about which all of us have dreamed. But if we do not know this, the Bible just becomes a book of rules for getting to Heaven.

First Century Church leaders taught about this new identity. They taught how humans are designed to work and what causes people to be dysfunctional.

As time progressed, believers lost touch with that knowledge and increasingly struggled to remember what God had accomplished in Christ. The grace of the original Greek text was lost as it was translated into the Roman Latin Bible, which became the standard for over 1,000 years.

In the first centuries, as Church teaching changed, so too did the life of believers. Many have wondered what happened to the power so evident in the first believers. Some people have devised all sorts of explanations, but most are not true. Eventually, the lives of early believers became only a distant memory, akin to a myth.

UNSEEN returns to some of the foundational and critically important teachings of the Early Church in a very practical fashion. It explains how we work.

It illustrates what causes our hearts and minds to function properly and why we so often seem to work against ourselves. Every believer knows these things, and you can expect UNSEEN to make what you already know more usable.

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This book is not a bunch of things you need to do but a very personal way of understanding what God is doing. As well, it uncovers many reasons for discrepancies in modern Bible translations. You may discover you already know everything necessary to live like God has planned, and that it is easy.

In fact, you will probably realize you know too much and decide to ditch some of what you have been taught.

We believe you are about to discover

  1. New pieces to the puzzle of your life,
  2. How some of what you know is hurting you, and
  3. How to cooperate with God so that He can live His life in you, with you, for you.

Many have longed for the results of knowing the message of UNSEEN. You are about to discover a new life, which has always been yours and you probably didn’t even know it.

R Scheuermann
R Scheuermann

This book is an absolutely awesome treatise of God’s Truth, the lie and understanding both. When all the information the authors gave begun to fall into place for me, I realized this book is straight from the Father’s heart. It has been an enormous blessing! It made me realize how deeply the lie has embedded itself into God’s entire creation. No wonder, as members of God’s family, we have such diverse opinions about scriptures.
As the authors point out so effectively, God wants us to understand His Word. He would never give us an instruction book that was incomprehensible to us. They also make it clear that we have union with Christ, union with HIS victory, and union with HIS life and how that comes about when we begin to replace the lie with God’s truth,. (And it is so exciting!) They delve into the original language of the New Testament and assist the reader in discovering exactly what God’s intention is for our being and living.
James E. shares his journey with the reader and how the lie affected his life. He describes the questions he asked God and explains how we can depend on the Holy Spirit to show us Truth so that the lies we have believed will be banished from our lives.
It is not a 1, 2, 3 step formula, or a “quickly make yourself spiritual” recipe. To me, it is an extraordinary exposé which deepened my understanding of the scriptures and the heart of Almighty God. It has set me on a path to believe God’s Truth no matter what my circumstances may tell me. I am so grateful to the Campbell team for this book and I sincerely hope they will continue to write.

Russell B.
Russell B.

This book exposes THE LIE from the garden. Religion of all kinds has given man so many 'ways' to the Almighty Father. Each in error. Even Christians have been mislead. Don't think so? Just ask yourself what in your belief system of religion is dependent on you. Do you answer with 'nothing'. That is correct and is clearly shown in this book. However, there is so much more than that. Even if your faith is that we can do nothing to earn salvation are there expectations and more within your religion. If there are ANY than this book is for you. Examine your religion with an open heart. You may say it's all God. But, are there any expectations? Such as, 'if you aren't exhibiting fruit than something is wrong'. The author shows, though this is true, religion has warped it by believing some of The Lie. A must read for anyone genuine in knowing God's truth and not man's opinion of what it is. The author clearly defines how all of our translations are actually opinions rather than actual representations of the original inspired text. WARNING! If you are comfortable in your faith system than this is NOT for you. Unless, of course, your motivation is to refute what is said in it. Good luck with arguing with God whom Campbell wishes for all to experience.