This page is for two types of people: (1) those who love to give, and (2) those who don't like to have their arms twisted. 

If you give because you want to support our ministry - DON'T! 

We are God's gift to you. He pays us, not you. The only thing we are selling is our books.  So, please take what we offer via this website for free. We don't need contributions to keep this ministry going. It will keep going until God says it's time to stop. What we have freely received we freely give to you. 

If you want to give us an unconditional, NOT tax-deductible gift just because you love us, we will be thrilled to receive it but at this time we do not accept money given for the intent of supporting our ministry. If we ever change, we'll let you know. So, if you send a gift please write "gift" on the memo line or include a signed note saying how much you are giving us and that it is a gift and not a contribution to the ministry.

Our mailing address is: 

James Campbell
1067 E. Hwy 24, #182
Woodland Park, CO 80863 

Regardless, just enjoy what we offer. It is more important to us that you learn what God has shown us than that we ever get anything from you. Whether you read UNSEEN or simply follow this website, either way, you will discover what makes you the way you are and Who God really is. The truth is that He belongs to you. He wants you to know that. 

It would bless us if you order UNSEEN from a local book store or ask your public library to get it.

Amazon: Kindle, Paperback

Barnes and Noble: Nook, Paperback

We love gifts but only if they are given without expectation of helping our "ministry" or getting anything in return. In other words, true gifts.

 We expect to make money from the sale of our books and pay tax on our income just like you do. So, please buy multiple copies of our books and give them to others.

By law, for a gift to be a true gift it must be without expecting anything in return. So, our time and love is never contingent on what you may do for us. Freely we have received from God, so, freely we give to you. We're not looking for any type of compensation. We just want you to know what we know.  What we offer you is free of charge. You just have to take.

Are we a ministry? Of course. Are we a business? of course. But today, the subjects of God and money have become inseparable.  But God doesn't want your money in order to bless you. He blessed you in Christ long before you were born. That blessing still awaits you. You just have to take it. But many teach that the way you take God's blessing is by giving money. And they justify their teachings with many scriptures. Okay, fine. But we see something different. We see a God Who was so excited about the children He was going to create with free-will yet so aware of how they would wrongly use that free-will, that before He even got started He planned on giving something to make what was wrong right again. That giving was the gift of His Son. (UNSEEN will open the door to allow you to understand what that means.) And nothing has changed. He's still the same God, excited about making His creatures right. We want to believe that includes even those who have rejected Him. We believe He's determined. He's just working within all of our free wills to cause us to stop believing lies and instead believe His truth. A literal translation of 1 Corinthians 13:8 says love never falls, which means it never quits, so our bets are on Him, because He is love. 

As we have said elsewhere on this website, your heart already knows the truth about which we so freely talk. Your heart knows it so well that the most common reaction our readers/listeners have is, "I know that." Of course you do, but you've probably also been taught that now you need to do/know something else in order for what you already know to work for you." UNSEEN may well open to you a whole new world of a God who is so in love with you that He joyfully took upon Himself to make everything once again right. 

Though the authors don't always seem to have the money we think we need when we think we need it, yet God has always provided for us in ways that ultimately leave us in awe. We know He loves us and is always generous. In the meantime, we are learning how to rest in a supernatural peace and joy that we won't trade for any amount of money. 

But if you like giving gifts without the expectation of a tax deduction or anything in return from us, we'd love to receive it. Then we don't have to pay tax on it because it was a gift and not for services rendered. Whether you give to us or don't has no bearing on our gift to you, which is ourselves and what God has given us. If you send a check, just make it out to James Campbell and write "GIFT" on the memo line. My son and I will decide what we want to do with it.