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        God created man to live by faith, so our lives are a reflection of what we actually believe, not what we may think we believe.

        Regardless what we say or think we believe, if our lives do not reflect those beliefs, it is because we actually believe something else, and don’t realize it. Each person has a deep foundation of beliefs before they come to Christ. The way we are born again is to change one of those beliefs, i.e., that though we were the lords of our own lives, now Jesus is. The rest of our beliefs do not automatically change to believe God’s truth. Just as the first believers, we must be taught to believe the truth.

        A person’s belief system doesn’t begin by believing in Jesus. Belief systems begin to form as soon as a child exits its mother’s womb. It is beliefs that were buried deep within our hearts before we ever met the Lord that often control our lives. These beliefs remain even after our confession of faith and have a significant effect on our thoughts and behaviors. Our deeper beliefs, of which we are seldom aware, have such power over us that some believers despair over their inability to live the truth they so love, never understanding what Jesus meant by, “you shall know the truth and it will make you free.” (John 8:32)

        So, how do we get rid of wrong beliefs so we can be free like Jesus said? The answer is simple, but mankind is used to making things complicated. For it to be simple and easy, we have to start with the basics.

        Let’s begin with a central question. Do you know the same truth that First Century believers knew?

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