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        This letter was written when my family was hurting. What we believed and had been living for many years seemed to not apply to our financial well-being, and we didn’t know what to do. My family had seen miracles, especially in my life. None of us wanted to go back where we had been. Yet, what we had learned had not helped us financially. What was wrong? Why hadn’t God answered? Today we know. But, back then, we didn’t. (A few things have been changed in order to fill in blanks for you the reader and remove the identities of those involved.)

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        Dear Robert,

        If you have an answer for this misery, I need to know.

        As I said in my last letter, we have been having financial problems for years. It has come to a point that it now appears these problems are super natural in nature. Not just the normal evil in the world, but something more sinister. We know that our lives have changed radically and wonderfully over the last year and yet our problems have increased with dramatic regularity. We have seen the blessings of God in our minds and emotions and family life, yet our business and finances have worsened to the point that we are on the brink of losing everything.

        Robert, we are very discouraged and frightened about this.

        Background: As I began to understand the power of The Lie when you taught that seminar in Tulsa, the effects were immediate. I realized I had swallowed it to the extreme. As I studied the Greek New Testament I found that Jesus and Paul referenced it multiple times. In fact, Paul references The Lie dozens of times in Romans.

        At some point many years ago, I began to wonder how the Lie could so powerfully continue to infect everything without someone of theological prominence discovering and warning the Church about it. Jesus said that men love darkness rather than light, but now that I understand how the Lie works, and the utter destruction it has caused mankind, it seems like some Christian along the way would have questioned what is wrong. Why does the Gospel of a future salvation not work in our lives today? I have learned that people hate to admit that until they have despaired.

        As I continued to think about Genesis 3 and many other passages of scripture, it dawned on me. The world’s languages have been so twisted that it is impossible for people to understand God’s truth because they are using modern and wrong definitions for words and phrases that used to mean something else. For instance, the Greek word translated sin. Yes, “hamartia” means sin. But, the power of The Lie has made the word sin mean “something done that is wrong.” However, it also means “error.” Because people live what they believe, when someone believes something that is not true (error) they will do it, which means they will do wrong, and may even think it is right. And, people don’t believe error because they want to believe something that is not true but because they believe it is true. So, this twisting of the meaning of hamartia is an evil genius logic “loop” that has people trapped. By being tricked into using the wrong definitions for words, mankind cannot understand what God is saying. And, the intent of the darkness is to continue changing the meanings of words, so mankind will have no idea what is the real source of mankind’s problems, i.e., lies beginning with the Lie.

        Another example of twisted meanings regards the Greek word “pistis” which can be translated “faith, belief, trust.” Faith is not a good translation because no one seems to know what faith is. You will not find a single definition anywhere that makes concrete sense of the word, yet most will point at that definition as the meaning of the word. The word in the Greek is neutral, but the New Testament clearly uses it in very specific way It can be used both in a good or bad sense, depending on its object which can be truth or lies. For the most part, the New Testament uses pistis as meaning “believing God’s truth.” Not in an intellectual sense, but in the sense of believing what Jesus believes and not believing anything He doesn’t believe. 

        So, If one defines hamartia as “error” rather than sin, the scriptures take on a different hue. However, “believing” in the New Testament can’t be taken to mean just assenting to the truth but rather believing what and how Jesus believes and not believing anything He doesn’t believe. Jesus lives what He believes, and so do we, automatically. The Apostle Paul said that he lived by the faith of Christ, i.e., Jesus beliefs. We can too, as we repent (metanoew – change our minds about what we believe that isn’t true) and choose to believe God’s truth. In fact, that is how we were born again. Yes, the mind is actively involved in believing, but the believing that controls our lives is that which occurs in our hearts, that place in our lives where we discover what we believe.

        Similarly, the “knowledge of God.” That phrase is always in the genitive and refers to possession; i.e., what God knows; His knowledge. I have asked people if they realized that they know things which God doesn’t know. They always respond it is impossible. But, it isn’t. God’s knowing is the knowledge upon which He exists and what He knows is always true. It can be no other way. God lives what He knows. That is not to say He is not aware of all the wrong things that humans “know,” but He knows the difference. He knows when what we know is not true. Therefore, He doesn’t know our “knowing” as if it is part of His body of knowledge. He knows when our knowledge is false knowledge. And, He doesn’t hold it against us. Rather, He seeks to teach us the truth. God knows everything…. what we know that is true and what we know that isn’t. That is, God knows the truth about the lies we believe. And, because mankind is created in the image of God, we automatically live what we believe regardless of whether it is right or wrong, true or false. But, God only believes truth.

        In the Garden of Eden, the evil genius of The Lie was not that Satan persuaded man to rebel against the truth and reject a relationship with God, though that was horrific beyond description. Worse than that it created a knowledge barrier that became a filter through which mankind would judge all other knowledge of the past, present, and future. Satan had constructed a circular loop in mankind’s thinking; one that mankind cannot undo because he doesn’t know it is there. The Lie has succeeded in completely blinding mankind to a form of logic out of which he cannot escape through any type of reasoning, even if he realizes the circularity of that logic loop. Einstein got a glimpse of it, but even he couldn’t take it further.

        Adam and Even believed The Lie. That Lie said that if they would do the right thing they would become like God. Once they believed, they automatically obeyed. It was impossible not to obey because man is created to live what he believes. If he says he believes something while living something else, it is perfect proof that he doesn’t believe what he thinks he believes. He can say something is true, yet not believe it. He may want to believe that something is true, yet not believe. How can that be? Because prior to acknowledging God’s truth in a matter mankind has misinformation securely imbedded in his foundation of knowledge. That is, some of the basics of what he knows are not true, yet there is often no way to convince him that he is wrong. Thus, no matter what God says or how He says it, mankind misunderstands because he is thinking about it through a distorted lens, which is his normal condition. All of mankind (no one escapes) has suffered the effects of believing the Lie. I believe this is the stony and fallow grounds about which Jesus spoke.

        So, now when mankind sees a problem, rather than realizing that it began with a lie and instead seeking God’s truth, it automatically looks for what went wrong and what to do to fix it. What cunning and evil brilliance by Satan.

        But, God’s solution is so simple. When you expose lies and choose to believe the truth, since we automatically live what we really believe, the result is behavior that will result in answers that work. The biblical concept of repentance is simply to change our minds about believing a lie and choosing to believe the truth. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, this is impossible.

        The problem with which I would like help:

        Everything I have just written makes complete sense to me and my family, and we have been successfully living with this knowledge for years. Yet, we have come up against a problem which this knowledge has not enabled us to solve, that is, our financial problems.

        With all the wonderful things God has shown me and such wonderful changes in our lives, what are we missing? Are we still believing some lie that is undoing God’s financial blessing? Where is the blessing of God? We don’t know what to do, and time is running out.

        We are scared. We look to God even as we seem to be hurling toward a precipice from which we don’t know how to turn away. We are confused and desperate. We feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.

        We believe God loves us, unconditionally, and that He has blessed us with His Holy Spirit. This leaves us very perplexed.




        James E. Campbell, Jr.


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