Is God Honest?

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        The Apostle John tells us God is love. His love does not start nor does it stop, because He IS it. No one can do anything to make God love them nor can they do anything to stop God from loving them. He doesn’t have love, He is love.

        To love is to be vulnerable. God has made Himself vulnerable to His human creatures by telling us that He loves us and cannot lie. Since God is the ultimate Person, He can feel pain, hurt, rejection.

        Thus, when we see something that makes it look like God doesn’t care, that He is angry, that He hates us, that He is not honest, that He doesn’t really mean what He says, is there another explanation? If He is honest, why could it look like He isn’t? Is there another explanation for God appearing to be other than Who He says He is? What could it be?

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