If God is omnipotent, is He not also potentially evil?

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        Unfortunately, the meaning of the word evil has changed drastically over the millennia. In the First Century, it referred to more than something we do or something that happens. It meant the act of believing lies because that is the source of all that we now call evil. Evil behavior and evil things that happen are always the results of choosing to believe things that are not true.

        So, can God reject truth in order to believe something that isn’t true? What does God say? He says He is truth itself. He says He is light and in Him is no darkness at all. For God to reject truth in order to believe a lie would be to reject Himself, which would mean that He is no longer God. Whosever lie He believed would then be the god. In fact, that is how Satan became the god of this world. Adam, who had been created in the image of Truth Himself, chose to believe Satan’s lie. In so doing, he rejected who he had been created to be and gave control of his dominion to the source of lies, Satan.

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