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        The Story of the Lion King

        Last night my wife and I watched Disney’s “The Lion King.” It reminded me, once again, that God’s message is everywhere. Though I’m sure the writers did not have this in mind, the movie is a metaphor of what has happened to mankind and why such terrible things are happening in the world. The ones who should be ruling this world have yielded their authority to evil and now keep waiting for God to do something about it. God says, “I have done something. When are you going to believe me?”

        God’s first mention of mankind was, “Let us make man in our image after our likeness.” What did He mean? “We’re going to make a creature that looks like Us and acts like Us, and they will populate the world We have created. It will be their kingdom and We will train them to rule it in love like We rule Our Kingdom.”

        Like the story of Simba in The Lion King, Adam became convinced that he was other than who he had been taught. Regardless of who Simba really was, like humans, instead, he lived like who he believed he was. Since he believed he was a murder, he was convinced he was unworthy to be king. But the truth was, he had believed a lie. He was still a king. But, as long as he believed he wasn’t, he would live like he wasn’t.

        But, a wonderful phrase, “Remember who you are” echoes throughout the movie. Until Simba was willing to believe who he was, he would continue to act like someone he was not. When we begin to realize that God has, in fact, done what He said He has done, that is, make those within Christ brand new creatures, we will have begun a marvelous adventure with God. In this adventure, He will show us things about ourselves that will cause the world, and each of us, to stand in awe.

        People don’t know who they are because, like Simba, they have been taught they are someone else. And, when conditions seem to agree with what they have been taught, then they often believe those conditions are proof that what they have been taught is true. God wants His children to live with His perspective, which is quite different from what you may have learned. The goal of this forum is to help people establish a new mindset. It is by means of a new mindset that God will make His reality (truth) real in your experience. This is impossible for man to accomplish, but not for God. Stick with us and you will find that you have been persuaded.

        Any thoughts?

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