I Was Banned!

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        Dear Reader,

        The following is a copy of an email I sent to the moderator of a website that invites Christians to discuss matters of theology. I wanted him to understand that it was not possible, with the “three points and a summary” some of his members were demanding, to explain what has taken me decades of deaths to learn.  I have died many times in the process of learning that most of what I used to believe was wrong. But, as I arose from each death, life was better. Today, I enjoy a life many Christians had told me I would only have after (1) I died, (2) went to heaven and (3) saw Jesus. Thank God I learned that 1 and 3 can happen before someone goes to heaven.

        The moderator of that site recently banned me saying that I was preaching error, breaking their rules by promoting my own agenda and that he still didn’t understand what I was saying, in particular, the last few paragraphs of the following letter.

        Judge for yourself. Does this sound like a private revelation? Do you see an error in what I wrote? Do I sound like I am promoting my own private revelation?

        I’d like to know what you think. If you think that moderator is right, I’d like to know why. If you agree with what I have written, I’d like to know your thoughts. Let’s talk about it.



        Hi Greg,

        Thank you for the opportunity to participate on your website. For the most part, I have enjoyed it. What I haven’t enjoyed is my most recent thread. I don’t like being sharp with people. My plan is to leave the current thread behind and start a new one.

        I have re-read this letter numerous times and am tempted to post it on XXXXXXX XXXXXX as an open letter to you. However, I wrote it for you, so I’m not going to. You know your participants and if this would be too much in one post.

        Because I perceive you to be a man of understanding, I want to share where I intend on going so that you can nix it if you disagree. I surely do not want to try sharing with people who do not want to hear it. I will not provide many scripture references because I sense you will recognize the scriptures that confirm what I am writing and this will be long enough as it is.

        Jesus said to start our prayers with “Our Father.” That is significant. If God says He is our Father then, obviously, we are His children albeit by sheer gift. The New Testament makes it clear that as members of the Royal Family, we too are royalty. The Bible doesn’t say we will be royalty, it says we are. Though we cannot know what heavenly Royalty looks like without revelation from the Holy Spirit, we can see a shadow of how it works from this world’s royalty.

        True royalty in this world has a certain stature. (Though I’m not going there, I am referring to what Paul was talking about in Ephesians 4:13.) Royals are taught from the womb that they are not like everyone else. “We don’t act like common people because we are royalty, we are different.” People who are of royal status do not act like royalty because of who they are. Royals must be trained to be royal, otherwise, they will act like everyone else. Though in their early years, royals will often not act royally, through years of training they learn who they are. A royal like Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, or Prince William does not find it difficult to be and act royally because they have been trained to “be” royals. Of course, they may find that the life of royalty is sometimes very difficult, but the training kicks in and they still act like who they are – royalty. The same principles apply to all of us. We have all grown up with some sort of image of ourselves that came from a myriad of sources. We all act like who we believe we are, who we have been trained to believe we are. In a sense, the truth doesn’t matter because we are always going to fall back on living like who we believe we are.

        We are no different than someone like Queen Elizabeth. No matter what our situation in life, who we know we are is going to govern how we react/respond to everything that happens in our lives. If a war destroyed England and the Queen’s palace, she could end up on the streets. She might well become discouraged and depressed. She might well behave poorly for a while. Would that change who she is? If someone observed her living on the street and told her that is proof she isn’t a queen, would that mean she is not a queen? To the contrary. The fact that she is a queen and knows it, her life would gradually re-conform to who she really is. Her subjects would find her and once again she would be exalted and her life would move back in the direction of how a queen lives. To be royalty yet believe she was something else would result in her living like she was that “something else.” The same principle applies to all humans.

        In this, we see a pattern laid down by God for His children. God says we are Royalty, but a far different and better royalty than anything the world has ever seen. If we want to see what God thinks we look like, just consider Jesus. And, we must be royalty because we are members of His body, of which He is the head. It is impossible for a head to be of a different quality than it’s body.

        When God separated the children of Israel to be His people, He gave them commandments like no other people on Earth had seen. Knowing from whence they had come and the many years of hardship and bondage which they had endured, He understood their mindsets and that great patience would be required of Him as He trained them to be who He had made them. They weren’t His people only in expectation of some future event. They were His people because He had made them so.

        So began His retraining of His people to teach them who they now were. Thus, He gave them His Word – statutes (rules), precepts (principles), testimonies (declarations of Who He is and what He is like), laws (instructions), etc. And, He told them they were not to let His words depart from their mouths and minds. In fact, He told them to put those words on the posts of their doors and to adorn their bodies with them, and to remind themselves and each other of everything He told them. Why? Because as they had come to know themselves as slaves, by the words they had heard and what they had seen over and over and over throughout their lives, now they were going to learn who they were as His people, by hearing and seeing the words of truth over and over and over.

        Unfortunately, they disobeyed and refused to obey. But, we MUST understand what obedience is, because over the years its meaning has been changed, albeit very subtly. This change was not the doing of man, but the work of Satan. Once we understand how Satan works, we realize translators have been innocently duped.

        The root of the word usually translated “obey” in both the Greek and Hebrew languages is “to hear.” Yet, it is almost always understood as “to do.” Though the ultimate objective of God’s Word is to do them, these types of translations totally miss what God is saying. These subtle changes in meanings have been going on since the beginning of time and resulted in a thorough distortion of what God has been saying.

        For instance, Luke 11:28. Many translators render it “”Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” Though this is a true statement, it is not what the Greek text means.” The original Greek actually tells us what to do, which then eventually and automatically results in doing the Word, without even thinking about it. A more accurate interpretation of the Greek says, “Blessed are those hearing the word of God and fixing their attention on it.” The focus is not on doing but looking at it and hearing it. This is a critical issue. I plan on getting into the nitty gritty of all of this but, for this discussion, I hope you will just accept the logic of what I am writing.

        But, very quickly, the following should give you an idea of what Jesus meant. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” What is the significance of “the way”? When you drive down the road, to stay on the road, you must keep your eyes on the road. But, if you direct your attention to something off the road, you will end up driving right toward it. Jesus said He is the way because if you continue looking at Him you will drive straight into Him, and within Him is our lives and the performance of what God commands. What a wonder!

        Christ is the way. We don’t get where we are going by figuring out a way to do it, but by simply continuing to look at Him. What we keep looking at and what we keep listening to is what we end up knowing and believing, and thus doing. Self-talk plays into this in a BIG way. God created this principle and was seeking the cooperation of His Chosen people so that they could receive what was theirs. But, they refused and turned God’s instructions into Roman type laws (even before there was a Rome) which today many still seek to accomplish by their own ability, thinking that is what God expects. Oh, how far is that from God’s truth.

        But, if we even realize the need to set our attention on Jesus, how do we do it? We are hit with distractions from every possible angle. We are overwhelmed with distractions that draw us away from the Word of God. Yet, our loving God has even taken care of this problem for us. But, no one ever told us. Rather, many have formulas they will “sell” for an offering.

        The work of Satan, who is the father of lies, the father of darkness, has sought to convince mankind that when God says something, He means something else. Isn’t that what he suggested to Eve? The first revelation of Satan’s strategy is clearly seen in the Garden of Eden. The temptations of Jesus are different, yet the same. He has just been told by His Father that He really is God. Now in a weakened state from fasting, Satan challenges that revelation and then seeks to get him to prove it. Jesus says, “God’s Word is sufficient proof for me.” Satan’s strategies involve outright lying, telling people God isn’t Who He says He is and who He says we are, convincing people that thoughts he whispers in their ears are their own thoughts, changing the meaning of God’s words and phrases, and on and on.

        Greg, does this sound like a war? It is! Yet many Christians are sitting around waiting for the next great move of God when, hopefully, God will finally give us the victory. Better yet, maybe Jesus will return first. This type of thinking is absurd. God created us to be like Him in this world. We will never know what that looks like until we believe what He says.

        Many words which we use today had entirely different meanings 2000 years ago, thus if we seek to understand the words God was using back then with different definitions than He used, there is no way for us to know what God was really saying. Yet, if we are convinced that what we think God was saying is the only thing He could have meant, then we are trapped by our own unwitting refusal to obey (to hear/listen).

        Hosea reports, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” He wasn’t talking about theological knowledge, He was talking about what God knows. God was saying His people were getting creamed because they didn’t know what He knows. They knew something else, and it was wrong, it was false knowledge.

        So, God had a plan to renew the minds of His people so that they would come to realize who they were.

        Why was this important? Because human beings were not created to live like who they are but who they know and believe they are. In other words, you and I can be born of royalty. That would make us royals. But, if we believe that we are not royalty and that the way we have been living is proof of who we really are, then we will continue to live as we have. We can’t change because we are already being who we believe and think we are. In other words, we can have millions of dollars in the bank yet live like paupers as we continue to push our grocery carts down the sidewalks, all because we don’t know we own millions of dollars. Of course, we could agree that God tells us we are royalty but choose to defer it until later, or we finally consider ourselves worthy. But, God says, “Stop thinking that way. I made you royalty, so you are royalty. I sure would like you to believe it, right now.”

        Unfortunately, people who would accept that they are royalty will likely fail if they try to live like God’s Royals unless they have proper teaching, which then takes us back to the foundations, which have been lost. If people want proof of what I am saying, I have more than enough. But, God seldom answers the challenge of “prove it to me and then I’ll obey.” People don’t need proof to find out if what I am saying is true. If they will just listen (i.e., obey), faith will come and they will know if this doctrine is of God, because they will be living it.

        Greg, the theology that has infected the world has caused translators to only render the Greek texts based on what they believe is possible. But, over and over and over God calls us to believe that He is the God of the impossible. No man can do anything that can get him the salvation about which God is speaking, and especially in the light of what our salvation really is, which is not simply changing our behavior, providing for our needs, and making us do what He wants.

        Our salvation is, literally, Christ Himself. By sheer gift, God has done everything necessary to give us a salvation that is so great that there are no human words to describe it. That’s why Luke records Jesus saying, “Then said he, ‘Unto what is the kingdom of God like? and whereunto shall I resemble it?  It is like a grain of mustard seed…’” There are no earthly words for God to use to give us His knowledge of Heaven. Using human words, He can only say, “it is like this, it is like that.” The best He could do was through Paul in Romans 14:17, “the Kingdom of God is righteous, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Now, what does that mean? Per Paul, only the Spirit can reveal that to us because natural words just can’t do it. But, I guarantee that with that revelation comes a stature and confidence that will cause people to say to believers, “I want to know what you know.”

        So, having experienced that some of your members have yet to see the purpose of God beyond their own intellectual pursuits of theology, I liked Todd’s suggestion of small doses. Granted, the things I teach are far outside of mainstream Christian teaching, but the logic is astounding. And, I have been living what I teach for years. And, the cool thing is that God has already written this knowledge in every person’s heart. Everyone already knows everything I teach. They just have yet to realize it because of all the garbage we have all been taught that is covering up what God has already shown us. That’s why what I teach tugs at us as our hearts say, “Yes” while our minds so often fill up with thoughts of all we have learned which say, “No.”

        When people grasp what God has been saying for thousands of years, in so many ways, everything changes. They begin to realize they are having face to face fellowship with the God Who is smiling at them, and the “appearing” of Jesus that they thought would only be on a white horse at His return is happening to them right now. The appearing of Jesus to us begins with the appearing of Jesus within us. When He does return on that white horse, they will be ready. This is what Paul was referring to when he spoke of Christ in us, the hope of glory, except that a literal rendering of that verse is so much better.

        What a glorious mystery.



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