Feeling God’s Reality As Our Own

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        My Friend,

        Yes, the word translated “received” is the aorist active voice of lambano. So by faith, you have taken Him and everything He has given you. Now, is it so real to you that you are ready to go on to the next thing He will show you? Or, is that word so wonderful and delightful that you can’t take your eyes off it and you want to know what other treasures it holds? The truth is the later, however, certain thoughts are surely always telling you that it’s time to go on to the next revelation and if you get enough of them they will eventually feel real.

        My friend, what you think about and look at most is what becomes the most real to you. I fix my attention on the truth God has given me and keep looking at it. Suddenly, I no longer want another and better revelation because I am aware that there is another tunnel in the mine I fell into with this last revelation.

        We’re talking about a God Who is limitless love, Who, Paul says, is limitless generosity. There is no end to the treasures of knowing what He knows. He wants us to know what He knows and to understand it. He wants us to know everything He knows. That’s the kind of Father He is. He is training us to BE the wonders that He says He created us to be. Remember, we are His image and likeness in Christ. We are as limitless as God, by sheer gift. We are so right now, not sometime in the future.

        Every word of God is filled with God Himself, so it is not possible to exhaust the depth of loot hidden in every word He speaks. I want His words to feel real within my heart not just have additional head knowledge, as good as that is. I need to know the reality of God in my heart. Long ago I became tired of knowing so much yet not feeling like it was part of me. Now I look at God’s words and tell Him His words ARE my reality. His Truth is my Truth and is as much a part of my life as it is His. I say these things to Him because they are true not because I am trying to make them true. I ponder these things. I tell Him I am healed not because I am trying to make it so but because He says it is so, even though sense knowledge tells me otherwise.

        Amazingly, I have been so caught up in looking at His truth while my senses may be flooded with contradictory evidence that I have often failed to notice when things change. Down the road I look back and realize what had seemed elusive is now my reality. I don’t even know when it happened because I have been caught up with looking at Him and His reality.

        I love Psalm 1 and 119. Psalm 1 told Jesus some very important facts about God’s word. Jesus understood what those words meant. Psalm 119 was Jesus’ conversation with God about what God’s words meant to Him and how it affected Him. According to 1 Corinthians 1:6, Jesus’ testimony is our testimony. So, every word of Jesus in Psalm 119 is true of me, too, because He is my life. His life IS my life. I frequently hold those words in my mind and thank Him that they are true. Then I tell Him that since they are true, I want to know what they mean in my life.

        I hope you find this helpful.


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