Daniel/James Email Exchange #1 – May 2016

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        [Daniel/James Email Exchange #1 – May 2016]

        Daniel: How’s your day going?

        James: LOL, living the things I talk about, which can sometimes be pretty painful. The “death to self” is talking about the denial or rejection of wrong beliefs which we often hold onto with all our strength. It can be a fearful thing to let go of wrong beliefs we don’t even realize we have. Sometimes we are only willing to admit and let go of them (repent) after the pain they cause becomes so great that we despair. This is the dying to self… letting go of that body of erroneous knowledge that we may be sure is true, but isn’t. This can also be a wonderful place to be, though it sure doesn’t feel like it. But, the resulting new freedom is always glorious. Our fellowship with the Holy Spirit just keeps growing. I just wish I knew how to explain this so people understood it. It would set them free.

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          Daniel: That’s so true. Keep communicating. I know it’s helping everyone. I think keys to what we discussed last night are: dying to self, letting go of wrong beliefs, believing right, having a simple lifestyle with fewer distractions. The illustration of good soil in the seed down simply had less stuff in the soil and being single-minded. Moving forward is simple but not always easy.

          James: Wow, did you just touch on a MAJOR subject. It’s about the fracturing of mankind, the fracturing of our minds, which is what Satan accomplished by convincing Adam and Eve to believe the Lie. You cannot repair fractured glass. It must be replaced. That’s what Jesus did by making us new creatures. Now that He has made us whole again we need to know what that means and let Him live His obedience of faith within us. That means we need to quit attending to lies and misinformation. What an adventure this is!

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            James: A question to ponder that is related to comments from Richard last night. There are relatively few comments about physical healing and financial prosperity in the Epistles compared to the Gospels and Acts. Have you ever wondered why?

            Hi Daniel,

            I just started reading C. S. Lewis’s anthology of George MacDonald. His first quote from MacDonald is something which it seems Christians forgot long ago.

            Today the primary emphasis in relationships with God seems to be what we need from Him – healing, prosperity, power, our needs meet, etc. It’s unfortunate because the greatest thing God gives us is Himself. That is the whole theme of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1 – that we would know the Who (Jesus) of what God has done. The word translated “what” can also be translated “who” yet no one ever does. That is sad. It so often seems that believers are more interested in what God gives rather than Who.

            I pray for you and the rest of the guys, that you will believe what God is revealing to you about Himself so that you can know the Who of life… Jesus. According to Paul, He is our life and our expectation of God’s glory in our lives. That means Jesus is the complete fulfillment of every need including health, prosperity, joy, peace, wisdom… and I can keep going. We are so important to God that He sent His Son to make the great Exchange (usually translated as redemption). We are God’s treasure, so valuable to Him that He gave the thing most precious to him, His Son.

            Oh, here’s that quote from C. S. Lewis’s book: “He who seeks the Father more than anything He can give, is likely to have what he asks, for he is not likely to ask amiss.”

            We don’t hear this sort of thing in meetings these days. Christians seem to only be interested in getting their needs met or maybe someone else’s needs met. Those are not wrong things to desire. It’s just that if those are the focus of our lives we end up missing Him who IS the answer. When we seek to know God more than what He can give us, everything that belongs to Jesus comes with Him. When we come to know Jesus, we get so much more than just healing and money. Oh that Christians could hear such words as they pour from God’s heart until Christ fills their thoughts.

            I hope this word ignites something in your heart. Jesus Himself is the answer to every prayer. When we pray we may be thinking about what we want from God. Little do we realize He will be giving us Himself.

            I pray that the way I have written has made sense to you.

            The Lord, bless you.


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              From: Daniel
              Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 6:26 AM
              To: James E. Campbell, Jr.
              Subject: Re: A word of encouragement

              Hi James,
              Thank you for that insight. I believe everything flows out of that relationship of simply bring with the Father. It is immaturity that simply comes to God with a shopping list. I liken to father – children relationship. I love to simply be with my children and they do to, sitting on my lap, cuddling, playing, being. I am more than happy to provide and take care of them and the younger they are the lass they ask for because they know they have everything they need!

              As sons of God we have a responsibility to mankind, I don’t ask God to heal, he already has so I command healing in others. The purpose of wealth or prosperity which is more than money is to establish His covenant / kingdom rule on this earth. A revolution is needed in the body, first to know the who and second to do the who on this earth as it is in heaven. We are soldiers in a real war on lives and when Christians realize this and the enemy is working 100% of the time to kill steal and destroy they will take their positions to appropriate what Jesus has already won. We are more than conquerors. No wimps. Have you ever noticed when a group of people have a common enemy they unite and differences don’t matter early as much as they have a task at hand which is often life threatening.

              I’m realizing that only those who know the father really do the works of Jesus with the right motives.

              Sorry for not getting back to you. I never even had time for lunch yesterday.
              I’ll be in touch.


              Hi Daniel,

              Thank you, Daniel. The sorts of things you said are what I want to hear, what I need to hear, over and over. It is hearing and believing the Truth that leads us from faith to faith, glory to glory. Constant complaining about what isn’t going right, how we need to pray more, how we need to pray for others more, how we need to lay hands on the sick more, how we need to give more… these are not necessarily bad in their proper place, but the complete fulfillment of God’s will is Christ in us. As He increasingly appears in our lives so does everything that we love about Him. Eternal life is not something Jesus gives but what He is. And eternal life includes everything we could ever need or want. In John 17:2, Jesus said (literal) that the Father gave Him authority to give eternal life, and in verse three Jesus calls it “the eternal life” referring to the fact that any other reference to an eternal type of life is not. And the purpose of giving us this eternal life is “in order that” we would know the only true God and His Son Jesus Christ. God has given us His life so that we will know Him! Wow! What else can we possibly need?

              Thanks, again. And by the way, though I have been having some thoughts very consistent with your comment about a common enemy, I had not considered it the way you put it. You reinforced something God has been showing me for years but which I have recently realized is the plan towards which He has been working. He WILL do it.


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