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      Hopefully, you are at least a little bit like me. Long ago I lost my burning desire to understand the theological issues over which multitudes of people argue all the time. I had begun to realize that even if I knew all those answers, it wouldn’t be what I needed right now. I didn’t care about theological subjects. I wanted to know if God was interested in me personally. Somehow, I believed knowing God on a level I could understand, was all I needed. All my other issues would be resolved by knowing Him.

      Over the last two plus decades I have come to know Him. In fact, I came to realize I had known Him for a long time. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t know Him but all the stuff I knew about Him that wasn’t true. I had been taught things by people, who often had good intentions, who were just more confident of their wrong understandings than I was of mine. I hadn’t known to question many things I was being taught.

      I no longer need to listen to those people. Now I surround myself with honest hearts who experience God in ways that make sense, and God continues to reveal Himself to us more every day. Please join us in this adventure. We want nothing from you, except your participation in exploring the vastness of Who God is and taking what He has freely offered. If you want to contribute, please do. Or, just read/listen. Feel free to question and even disagree with what we say. Let’s talk. We’re not afraid of correction. And, you shouldn’t be either. Sometimes our greatest revelations about God come after being corrected.

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