#006 – Auto-loopback: The secret behind the Lie

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        You would think that Adam and Eve would have asked for forgiveness, rejected the Lie, and returned to believing God. But they couldn’t go back. What they believed had taken control of their lives. They were now ruled by error which they believed was the truth.

        No longer could they turn to a generous and loving Creator Who had walked with them in the Garden. Their minds had become twisted. They now saw Him as a threat, an enemy. They knew they had done wrong and felt guilty, and they weren’t even sure why. Suddenly, things didn’t make sense. Did they ever make sense? It didn’t matter because believing that Lie had changed them and the world God had given them. They had rejected God’s generosity and love so that they could be in control. Now they were cursed with believing they were responsible for fixing everything that was or ever would be broken.

        But, why couldn’t they go back? When they finally realized that they were failing to fix their world, surely they would have eventually begun to look for other answers. But, the Lie had a self-defense mechanism, an auto-loopback trigger. Included in their new belief system was a hair-trigger mechanism that easily trips anytime a human begins to wonder if there is a better way. “Of course there is. Try this.” The auto-loopback acts like a default setting in people’s minds. If they even try to consider that there might be a problem with what they believe, if the Lie can’t convince them otherwise then it says that to fix their belief they just need to do the right things. As many ways as a person can try to get out of the yokes of this life, the Lie has an answer leading back to doing something.

        So, going back was not an option within their new system of beliefs. Their logic had changed. They never discovered that once they had mastered caring for the Garden, God had bigger and better plans for them. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “… Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Rather, men spend their entire lives trying to do whatever they think will fix their problems.

        Adam and Eve now believed they were masters of knowing what was right and wrong, what would work or wouldn’t work. Believing that the Lie was truth meant they would continue living like it was truth. God could see they were deceived but they couldn’t. In fact, when the Truth showed up they wanted as far from it as they could get. They now had to be gods. They had no choice. They had to believe that if they tried long and hard enough, they would succeed. It has never changed. This pattern is being repeated in every Human Being, government, organization, business, church, and family on Earth.

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