#005 – The Lie changed people from “beings” to “doings.”

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        The lie had caused a complete change in the man’s and woman’s logic. Suddenly Adam was blaming God’s gift (the woman) for what had happened. Blame, blame, condemnation, condemnation. Because they had rejected what God said their sole sources of knowledge were now what they could learn from their senses and what Satan said their sense knowledge meant. The corruption of their thinking meant the couple had become incapable of knowing the difference between truth and lies, in fact, they no longer cared. The only thing that was important was saying and doing whatever would get them what they wanted. God hadn’t rejected them, they had rejected God and everything He planned on teaching them.

        But, God already had a plan (cf. 1 Peter 1:20). As He later fully revealed in Jesus Christ, God is love and thus He immediately announced His plan to make everything right through the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:15). He had known what was going to happen, but Love had to give them the choice. Now, Love was intent on saving them from their choice.

        The Lie said that if they did such and such, they would get so and so or this and that. But it didn’t work. They did such and such but got something else. Today, all mankind believes that the answer to almost every problem is doing the right thing. And if the right thing doesn’t work, then try another right thing, and if that doesn’t work, try another. Oh, and remember to pray. Their belief in the Lie was the beginning of mankind’s performance orientation.

        In Adam, all mankind was transformed from enjoying being alive and cared for by our Creator to living in fear and struggling to survive. Created to be human beings, mankind became human doings.

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