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        In Genesis 3:5, the serpent suggested to the woman that God was holding her back by not allowing her to eat that fruit. He told her that she would be wise just like God, making her a god in her own right, knowing the difference between good and evil. All she had to do was eat the fruit of that tree.

        Eventually, Adam and Eve followed the suggestion. Trouble was, it didn’t work the way they expected. Suddenly they knew and saw things they had never noticed, and very troubling – their bodies. Something had changed and the glory that had been theirs in fellowship with God was gone. All they could see was flesh, and it didn’t look near as good as it had. The Lie had told them that they would know what is good and what is evil, what is right and wrong. They would know everything they needed to, and would no longer have to depend on God.

        This shows that sin is more than doing wrong things. It is first and foremost believing wrong things. The Lie has infected every human being and, until we recognize it, prevents us from admitting that what we believe may be wrong, because deep down men still believe they are gods and what we believe is the truth. And, since we are gods, we are responsible for everything we are and do. We are responsible for fixing all the world’s problems and making everything right again. WE are responsible for winning the world for Jesus and, at best, God is walking next to us to make sure we know when we are wrong.

        Now that Adam and Eve were gods, they had a big problem. They knew they had become gods yet nothing was working like the serpent had led them to believe.  Of course, you realize that they weren’t thinking it through like this. They were just in a panic trying to fix everything. Their thoughts had become devoid of God. They had to figure out what was wrong and fix it. God was no longer their friend but rather someone who demanded obedience, and from whose wrath they needed to hide. But, how did they know He would respond with wrath? Because that’s how they would respond.

        They had separated themselves from the source of love, thus they were now separated from their unconditional love for each other. Their belief in the Lie had caused a transformation in their reasoning. Their memory of God became dark. They could not imagine a God that was not like them. They now blamed each other. They knew God would blame them. But, God didn’t change. He was still love.

        God showed up to explain that by believing the Lie, they initiated the corruption they were now seeing. And, that corruption, He said, extends to agriculture and childbirth. God did not swoop in with fire in His nostrils as He sought to destroy those sinful humans. He came in like every other previous day looking for His friend, Adam. Only this time, Adam was hiding from Him.

        So, when things took such a sudden turn for the worse, why didn’t Adam and Eve say they were sorry and start over?


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