#002 – Do We Believe the Same as First Century Believers?

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        Romans 1:25: “Who changed the truth of God into a lie…” As translated, this verse sounds like mankind simply made up lies about what God said. That is true. They did makeup lies about what God said. But, that is not what the Greek text says in this instance. The Apostle Paul put a definite article in front of “lie”, thus it should be rendered “the lie.” Paul is telling us there was one, very specific Lie which Adam believed. Jesus used the same word in John 8:44 and translators once again deleted the “the”. The Greek word is “to pseudos” which literally means “the lie.” When the definite article is removed the meaning becomes “a lie” which means any lie.

        If we believe that the Lie about which Paul wrote and Jesus spoke was any lie, there is no reason to pursue further understanding. But, Paul and Jesus were speaking of a very specific lie and it is the root of EVERY problem of mankind and the source of all other lies.

        When I learned about this Lie decades ago, I immediately discovered it in my own belief system. My life began changing instantly and has done so ever since, as the Holy Spirit continues to show me large chunks of it in my own belief system.

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