Reply To: Daniel/James Email Exchange #1 – May 2016


    Daniel: That’s so true. Keep communicating. I know it’s helping everyone. I think keys to what we discussed last night are: dying to self, letting go of wrong beliefs, believing right, having a simple lifestyle with fewer distractions. The illustration of good soil in the seed down simply had less stuff in the soil and being single-minded. Moving forward is simple but not always easy.

    James: Wow, did you just touch on a MAJOR subject. It’s about the fracturing of mankind, the fracturing of our minds, which is what Satan accomplished by convincing Adam and Eve to believe the Lie. You cannot repair fractured glass. It must be replaced. That’s what Jesus did by making us new creatures. Now that He has made us whole again we need to know what that means and let Him live His obedience of faith within us. That means we need to quit attending to lies and misinformation. What an adventure this is!