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The Campbell family lives in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. The message which they happily share with all who will listen has transformed the entire family and others willing to listen. It is a message of absolute freedom; it is the “how to” of that adage, “let go and let God.”

James and Sandra Campbell have two adult sons, James Q. and Aaron. The oldest, James Q., is nicknamed Q because his middle name is Quinn, which means wisdom. Aaron is an entrepreneur who, with his wife, owns several businesses and enjoys the life that the knowledge of the Unseen has given him.

Sandra grew up in Chicago and met James while attending a camp meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortly thereafter, she moved into a garage apartment next door to James’ home where together they started a business and were married shortly thereafter.

Like their children, Sandra lived with James through his experience of learning this message. They didn’t learn it in church, Bible study, or seminary. And they could have never figured this out. It was too simple. And they are still learning.

In sharing the “obedience of believing the truth” as explained by the Apostle Paul, the greatest difficulty the Campbells encounter is that almost everyone uses the same words and phrases, but with different meanings. The definitions of many words have changed when compared to their meanings two thousand years ago, and even subtle variations can completely alter understandings of the work and will of God. These changes have affected EVERY religion’s perspective of Who God is and what He has done.

God says He has placed his instructions in our hearts and written them in our minds (cf. Hebrews 10:16). But when what could be our brand-new reality in God is covered up by false knowledge, which we are convinced is true, then that wonderful reality from God remains nothing more than a vague dream with which we never seem to connect with on a permanent basis.

Regardless of whether it is true or not, what you listen to most is what you want to believe. Few people seem to recognize where various thoughts come from, so they remain unable to distinguish between the voice of God and the voices of darkness. In fact, the voices of darkness often convince people to be afraid of the voice of God. Many would swear the voices of darkness are really God’s and the kind, gentle voice of God is either non-existent, or even worse, a voice that is seeking to deceive them. Thus, they do not want to hear the truth and are unable to rest into the wonderful reality of Christ inside whom they live and move and have their being (cf. Acts 17:28). For these people, their manner of living is not working for them, yet they keep trying. They have been tricked into being afraid of the truth, but do not realize it. They do not understand why what they have been doing is not working. They just keep trying the same things, with slight changes, over and over. But God has not given up on anyone. He will not force anyone to know what He knows. Love will not do that. He just keeps presenting it to us and waiting for us to say, “Yes.”

James once spent a few days in a psychiatric hospital calming down after some extremely devastating news. Unable to accept the information, he handled the situation incorrectly. Have you ever considered that people who say they hear voices may be closer to reality than those who do not? Why? Because one of the strategies of darkness is to convince “normal” people that those voices are just their own thoughts. “Crazy” people often recognize those voices are not their own thoughts but coming from another source. Unfortunately, religion has taught many that “bad thoughts” are from an old nature. They think that God’s declaration that they are a “new creature” is only spiritual or for the future, thus they miss the “nowness” of God. Many of these people would never admit they secretly believe God is cruel, because He is able to help them right now but won’t until they do the “right” thing or get to Heaven. Of course they will agree that God’s love is unconditional, but they usually won’t say is it comes with a caveat – His love is freely given as long as they do what they are supposed to do and don’t do what they are not supposed to do. For anyone who did not catch that nuance, many people think God’s love is unconditional as long as they meet the right conditions. Oh, how our minds have been twisted in ways we cannot imagine. Are you ready to let God start untwisting wrong beliefs?

Though UNSEEN is founded in book knowledge, it is proven by decades of experience. The Campbell family lives what is in this book.

Over decades of study and pondering God’s words, James has learned ancient meanings for words so often used today with modern meanings. As the authors explain the logic under-girding what they teach, you will find it difficult to disagree. The result will be that you eventually call into question some things you have been taught. You will find yourself on a new adventure with God, just you and Him together. And you will discover, afresh, that He is very safe because He loves you.

UNSEEN is an attempt to lay a foundation for understanding the wonderfully good news about God becoming one of His creatures. We have tried to do it in a way that compels people to keep reading and not disagree until they really understand what we are saying. By then, they probably will not want to disagree. To turn your reading of scriptures into an enjoyable, delightful experience, UNSEEN must start by explaining the first (or chief) principles of the teaching of Christ (cf. Hebrews 6:1). They are not what most of us have been taught.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of the Fall in the Garden of Eden was that mankind now thinks it knows more than it does, and that includes all people whether they claim to be born again or not. Thus, we beg readers to approach this book as little children who always want to learn. From personal experience we can say this step is simple but may not be easy.

Fear not! The message of UNSEEN is not foreign. It is already working in every human on earth, but due to a lack of understanding, what is already working in people often causes them harm, when in fact, it could result in great good.