Is God’s Understanding of His Gospel the Same as Ours?

To Old Testament believers, the Messiah was “the expected king of the Davidic line who would deliver Israel from foreign bondage and restore the glories of its golden age.” www.britannica.com  So some were visibly disappointed that Jesus did not use His abilities to conquer Rome. But the prophet Isaiah had a different view of the …

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Wonderful News

As we republish our first book, we are also restarting this blog. I want to share some words from A Covenant Wedding. My son and his bride to be wanted me to explain their marriage in terms of God’s Covenant with mankind. The following is an abridged version of that ceremony. A covenant relationship requires …

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God’s Symphony

Picture this: The London Philharmonic. Savor this (including the screeches): You are a vessel, an instrument of clay created to be filled with God. He is living His life inside you, unique to you. You are a one-of-a-kind for all eternity. God is music Himself, and He is doing something in the heavens never before seen …

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